Friday, April 9, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I don't know about you, but springtime seems like it is playing games with us. In some ways, I can't wait for it to get here, but in other ways, I know that as soon as nice weather comes along, the inside of my house will be neglected while I care for my garden outside.

Gardening can be such a wonderful experience -- it is peaceful (once it is in ;) and joyous for me to garden. I feel closer to our Heavenly Father and I feel like I am taking better care of my family. However, getting those little seeds started just about pushes me over the edge - I never seem to make the time to get them in. Once in, though, what a feeling!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you today a website that I have discovered that can help the novice gardener (like me) as well as someone who has gardened for quite awhile. It is called and I encourage you to check out her website.

The part of her website that I enjoy the most is that you can sign up (for free) and she will send you week by week (depending on what area of the country you live in) what you should be doing at that time (for example, plant seeds for tomatoes, or transplant your onions, or prepare your garden boxes, etc). It has saved me in helping me to know when to do what.

She also sells an e-bundle of her gardening know-how that gives all the information in ONE PLACE! GENIUS!

Emily (the website owner) is also part of my favorite suite of websites -- remember Crystal from ? She came to our Homemaking last September and taught us how to use our food storage. Well, Emily is another one of that suite of websites. These young ladies really have it on the ball and I encourage you to go to their websites and check them out. There are also some other websites in their suite and there are links on the website to them as well.

So, what's stopping you? You know you just need that extra little boost to get that garden in this year -- DO IT! BTW, if you have any questions, feel free to call or email me ( . I am still a novice (this is my third year), but know enough to help a beginner :)

Have a great spring day -- ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


For those of you who didn't know, just a quick note to tell you about these...

FRESH MARKET - $1.29/lb for boneless skinless chicken breasts and $1.49/lb for 85% lean hamburger (don't know if this is a one day sale or what, so you might want to check this out right away -- it was that price yesterday, though)

SMITH'S -- 25cents / bottle for PowerAde -- UNBELIEVABLE. Limit of 120 bottles. INCREDIBLE PRICE.

CABELA's -- 5 degree temperature rating MUMMY SLEEPING BAG $29.99 (regularly $49.99) -- 33" x 84"

So many others, but haven't had time to look closely at the ads -- just wanted to get these off to you right away.

Also, case lot sales are coming up here shortly, so be on the watch for those sales as well.

Have fun....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beverage Dispenser

Last fall or winter, I was talking to a couple of you about a couple of beverage dispensers that we have that we bought at Sam's Club -- the kind you would have at a party (see link here:

At any rate, whomever I was talking to, they asked me if I ever saw them at Sam's Club again to pick one up for them -- they are only available one time each year. Well, to make a long story short, I saw them a few weeks ago and picked up two of them. However, as much as I have tried, my mind is getting older and I can't remember who it was that was interested in me picking one up for them.

If you are that person(s), please contact me and I'd be happy to sell them to you for what I paid for them. If you are not that person(s) and are still interested in purchasing them (in case I can't find out who originally asked me), please let me know as well and if they don't claim them, I can sell them to you -- btw, I have two of these containers and I absolutely LOVE them!

I just hate that my memory isn't what it used to be :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gardening anyone and Great Sale...

First of all, there is a great sale going on at Emergency Essentials and I would be happy to put the order together if anyone is interested. It is for:

1. Freeze Dried Green Beans ($10.00 + tax) if we order at least 12 cans. The regular price is $15.50 + tax. This is a great price and I am going to take advantage of it on my end. Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables are to me the icing on the cake of food storage. I don't want to be caught without fruits and vegetables in case of an emergency and freeze-dried is the way to go -- dehydrated just don't cut it in my opinion.

If you are interested, drop me a line at or call me. I need to have the order closed by March 19th, so look at your budgets and see if you want to join us in this great deal.

2. They also have large backpacks (17" x 12.5" x 6.5") (red) for only $7.00 + tax (however, we have to order at least 12 to receive the discount). These would be great for your 72 hour kits. I already have all of mine, so I need at least 12 orders in order to send this one in.

3. One more item that they have is Freeze-Dried Mango Chunks for $16.00 + tax (normal price is $21.95 + tax) and we have to order at least six cans to get the price cut.

I am in garden heaven -- I found a website that is absolutely a lifesaver and godsend for me. I am still learning in the gardening arena (as in all the areas of my life, but in gardening I am a real novice)... anyway, this website will take you step by step from when to plant your seeds inside, how to do it, when to plant outside, and every step of the way in between and beyond. It is great because it is set up by geographic area so you know what you need to do and when in YOUR area. We are the GREEN area, btw.

For example, it says that by now, we should be planting seeds inside for chives, rosemary, broccoli, cabbage, califlower, collard greens, kale and parsley and next week we can even plant peas outside. We aren't very far behind yet, so if you are wanting a small garden this year (or a big one) this website can be a super help to you. Here is the website:
and you can even request a weekly update on what you should be doing next.

Along those same lines, two items at Sam's Club this past week -

1. "Composter" made of very strong plastic that would be really nice if you want to start composting. Lots nicer han just a big wood or something unslightly like that. It costs I think $35 or something like that. Here is a picture of it:

2. Sam's Club also has "garden boxes" that are quite large actually (raised bed garden boxes) that are made from a strong material that will not weather (which is a lot nicer than my wood boxes that will look ugly soon0. They are 80" long and 8" deep and i can't remember the dimensions back but you can tell that they are trying to use the concept of square foot gardens so you can reach across them. I was very impressed with them. They are $39 each. I LOVE THEM!

That's it for now -- also, Macey's is giving you vouchers to use toward their upcoming case lot sale by doing your regular shopping there. COOL! I shop there anyway!

Take care and don't forget about the hamburger and chicken sales this weekend!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Time, No Post - Sales, Cannery and other Miscellany

Hi, everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything. I had a conference that my husband and I work and this year it was in Acapulco -- so we worked the conference and enjoyed a little respite from home and responsibilities here.

Then, we got home and both of us got the dreaded STREP! Two weeks later, we felt more like ourselves again. However, we came home to endless computer problems, so I finally ended up having to take my computer in for a total reinstall. Tonight, I am crossing my fingers that we finally have it back up to working standards. So, needless to say, I have been out of commission for quite awhile.

I picked up the grocery store ads today and saw BEAUTIFULNESS! I typically buy my hamburger and my chicken only once or maybe twice a year, but I am getting precariously low on both meats and so ... I was beginning to get worried. Well, our grocery stores didn't let me down -- well, too much. There are sales on BOTH chicken and hamburger.

Macey's has Super Saver Chicken Breasts (Boneless/Skinless) for $1.48/lb. YIPPEE -- STOCK UP TIME! (There you go, Sister Scott!)

As for the hamburger, the best I have seen in a long time (unfortunately) is Buy Low -- with $1.69/lb for 85% lean hamburger in this week's ad. I'll take it -- sure beats $3.00/lb or whatever it goes for now.

Also, wanted to bring your attention to my kids' and husband's favorite -- Sobe and Sobe Life Water on sale this week at Harmon's on 800 North in Orem for only 69 cents/bottle. Not too shabby! They have a limit of 60, so buy to your heart's content!

Also, Fresh Market has Western Family Apple Juice (64 oz.) on sale for 99 cents (limit one case -- boo hoo) and 5 lbs of honey for $9.99.

Just a few teasers to get you out to the stores and stocking up on some good priced sales.

Also, I read in the paper that case lot sales are coming soon -- as a matter of fact, RIDLEY's (the old Albertson's on Center Street in Orem -- where, incidentally, my son works ;) is having their case lot sale RIGHT NOW!

Here are a few of the case lot sale prices for Ridley's:
WF Tuna - 48 cents/can
WF Beans and tomatoes - 53 cents/can
25 lb bag of sugar - $9.98 (limit 2)

Be careful, though -- don't drive all around town just to pick up these deals. What I like to do is pick up my ad on Tuesday when they arrive in our mailboxes (Ridley's I get online) and then make a list of "what I would love to get for food storage", listed by store. Then, during the rest of the week as I am doing my errands, I'll go to the particular store that is along the way where I am running my errands. I almost NEVER go out of my way to go to a sale... that is my rule of thumb!

The Lindon dry pack cannery is done with their scheduled maintenance and are now open for business again -- beginning this Thursday, March 4th:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am - 7 pm and Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm

Personally, I still prefer the Springville cannery and, again, if anyone would like to make a trip out there, I would LOVE to go with you -- I don't need anything, but I would be happy to go and help you with your storage. Just drop me a line or call me!

SPICE ORDER (San Francisco Herb Company):
For those of you who would like to order very fresh spices (yummy), I highly recommend the San Francisco Herb Company. This is the company that we placed an order with a couple of years ago and I have absolutely LOVED their fresh spices. At any rate, I am not going to put together an order ourselves, but there is a company in Alpine that I have started to use for a lot of my food storage (called Alpine Food Storage) and they are getting ready to put in an order -- you can go to their website: and click on their links in the left column. For that particular order, it is listed under "Seasonal Orders" near the bottom -- that order is getting ready to close, so get your order in right away.

While you are at it, you should sign up below that for the "Alpine Food Storage Email List Signup" and you will find out the same information I find out about their ongoing orders. I just placed an order with them this past weekend for Oregon fruit and seafood -- mmmm, can't wait until that gets here!

The owner of Alpine Food Storage is Chirine Wadsworth and she is wonderful to work with. When it comes to picking up your orders, you might want to check with others and see who else might have placed an order so that you can consolidate and only make one trip out to her home business -- it is up by Thanksgiving Point (but the other side of the freeway on the way up to Cedar Hills/Alpine area) and so it is a bit of a drive, but if we consolidate, we can help each other.

BTW, if you do ever go up to her home/business, you will be AMAZED at the vast array of foods that she has on hand -- I love going there and picking up something new each time. Last time I was there a couple of weeks ago (the day after we got back from our trip), I picked up SPINACH LASAGNA! I was so excited! I have always wanted to buy some and now I have my year's supply of it -- and then some!

I have always wanted to take a cert class and now Andrea Urban has one open!
Dates: March 20th (8 a.m. - 9 p.m.) and March 27th (8 a.m. till noon)
I won't be able to take part in this one, but this is an EXCELLENT class to take -- as a neighborhood, we need to have as many of us certified in emergency skills to help save lives in case of an emergency. I hope to take the next go-around -- with my husband and maybe a couple of my children! I feel like this is absolutely CRUCIAL to our preparedness.

If you would like more information on this, please contact Andrea directly at

I am ready to have a few of my friends (that's YOU) over for some "girl time" -- we could have cooking classes, preparedness discussions, family history/digital scrapbooking night, garden planning, canning (I want to do meat), or really whatever you like. We could each bring a treat or a main dish or a side dish to share OR we could just get together and discuss or we can have actual classes -- I am open for just about anything! So YOU TELL ME!!!! If you are interested, please email me at and let me know your preferences. This is NOT church-related -- this is just FRIENDS GETTING TOGETHER AND LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER. I would equally be open for one-on-one cooking classes/discussions, so just tell me what you think.

So, that's it this time -- I have learned a LOT during the last couple of months and am anxious to share it all with you -- mainly I learn by scouring the internet or talking to others and learning from them, so ... don't know if what I have learned and continue to learn will be new to you, but... if it helps, I'll continue sharing.

If you have anything that you want put on this blog, please email me with that information and I would be happy to add it...

Until next time... Susan (SuWheat)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Opportunity to Help in Haiti

Last night, Lori Asay (my neighbor) came over to my home and gave me some information about her mother and brother (a dentist) and others who are heading to Haiti at the end of this month to help, in conjunction with the LDS Church, the people of Haiti.

Here's the story -- Bret Tobler, a local dentist, has made many trips to Haiti to serve the people with his skill of dentistry. In the past, he would make trips, along with other dentists, for a week at a time and the people of Haiti would walk for miles and miles to stand in lines for hours (beginning at 3 a.m.) just to get a chance to have their teeth worked on. There are many touching stories of the people there and this blog doesn't have enough room to write them all, but suffice it to say that the service these dentists (and doctors) gave was a god send to these wonderful people who they described as having "the biggest hearts on the planet".

Now, here is where YOU can help. This group of doctors and dentists will be going down at the end of the month and meeting up with members of the LDS humanitarian group that are already there and/or on their way to Haiti. That group is prepping everything now in the nation's LDS meeting houses, which will be used as clinics.

Here is the great part -- NONE OF THIS has to be shipped (thus, no shipping costs to take off the top of the donations). Their "luggage" will be the supplies that we donate. Their carry-on luggage is all that they can use to bring their personal items. All the other pieces of their luggage will be medical supplies.

Here is what is needed:

Sterile saline bottles (lots)
Hibiclens bottles (you might have a difficult time finding these)
Neosporin (the dollar store has them for $1 and they work just as well as the name brand)
Gauze pads
Kerlex Wraps
Ace Wraps
Adaptic Vaseline Gauze
Arm Slings
Crutches (which can be taken apart to fit in suitcases)
Splinting material

Look at the dollar store, the medical supply stores, WalMart, Target, K-Mart, Sam's Club, or if anyone wants to put together a big "order" for your ward, neighborhood, etc., you could call StatMedical in Salt Lake City (you can find them on the web) and they LOVE to help with things like this and can have the order ready for you quickly. I have worked with them in the past and they are FABULOUS.

At any rate, if you can pull together ANYTHING (big or small), please call Lori Asay and arrange to meet her to donate your items. If you think that just a little donation of a box of bandages won't help, think again. There are a lot of good groups out there helping and each one needs help from someone -- and even just a small donation from a lot of people will make a HUGE difference.

Oh, I forgot to mention the name of the humanitarian group -- it is called IASK and here is a link where you can read all about them and their past experiences. Look all the way through the newsletter because there is great and helpful information all the way to the end (spattered between all the ads :)... They obviously have lots of experience in Haiti and know the people well. It is 100% non-profit with no paid staff. Participants go at their own expense.

PLEASE, IF YOU CAN DONATE ANYTHING, please give Lori a call and help this group out. Her number is 801-373-2665 and her email is .

I am so touched by all the stories I am hearing of fundraising and donations to the people in Haiti. You will be blessed for your sacrifice.

Thank you!


Friday, January 15, 2010


For all of those you who are looking for a way to help in Haiti and you feel lost and overwhelmed, here is a tangible way to help. For anyone who knows the Phil and Julie Rash family, you know that Noah was adopted from Haiti. His orphanage is in need of supplies IMMEDIATELY and YOU CAN HELP!

I choke up everytime I think of what we would all do without sweet Noah -- well, someone's "Noah" is over there in Haiti and needs food and medical supplies. Below is an email that I received from Phil Rash giving us the details -- remember, we need to work FAST and SMART in order to get food to them as quickly as possible. Read below the email from Phil...

We received an email last night that the last supply shipment to the Orphanage got stuck in customs over the holiday and was in customs when the earthquake hit Porte au Prince. It contained the food and supplies for the Orphanage and the village school for the next 6 months. It is gone- either destroyed or looted. The Orphanage director says that they have enough food to last one week. There is an urgent need for the following supplies:

Infant formula (Enfamil or Kirkland brand)- very important
Peanut butter
Ramen noodles
Boxes of Mac and Cheese
Packaged or pouched tuna
Ibuprophen (child)
Tylenol (child)
Hydrocortisone cream
Triple anti-biotic ointment (ie., Neosporin)

Some of you have expressed a willingness to ask people in your ward or those in your friends/family/work network to help and we really appreciate that. If you could gather their donations along with their names, addresses, and email addresses and the amount they spent, Chances for Children will send them a reciept so that donors can claim the amount under charitable giving on their tax return. If they don’t care about the tax write off we would still like to be able to thank them.

You can give all of the collected items to Julie and I. If people can, they are more than welcomed to box them in postal boxes available at the US Post Office. If not- not a problem and Julie and I will take care of that. Chances for Children will pay to have them shipped to the cargo plane. We would like to get these shipped off as soon as we can.

Thanks again so much for your help!


So, there you go -- if ever there was a need for your personal help, NOW IS THE TIME! If any of you don't know Phil and Julie Rash, get the items to me and I will get them to The Rash family (or tell you how to contact them).

If money is easier for you, do that and I will personally go and buy these items.

PLEASE help!

Susan Wheatley